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 Security  Assessment  Facility  Evaluation 

“Chance Favors The Prepared Mind”

S.A.F.E. LLC offers businesses and their employees expert guidance on best practices and preparedness to effectively manage and survive workplace violence and active shooter situations.

Why we do what we do


In 2018, with incidents of active violence on the rise, we decided that we needed to start spreading a message. A message that violence can happen anywhere, anytime, without warning. And it is beginning to happen more often in the workplace. We want businesses and their employees to be safe and prepared. Your employees need to know they can be safe at work. Our purpose is to spread the word.

Consistent with FBI and Department of Homeland Security protocols

 We at S.A.F.E. LLC can share with you and your employees best practices to help survive a workplace violence/active shooter situation. 

We Can Do More

We can conduct a risk assessment at your business and make recommendations to improve the safety and security of your building. We can share with your employees best practices to help them survive a workplace violence/active shooter situation through preparedness. We can demonstrate an actual event for your employees to experience the sights and sounds of such an event.


Security Assessment Facility Evaluation

Workplace violence and active shooter situations are unfortunately becoming more common, and it’s essential for companies to take steps to keep their employees safe.

Business Security Training

S.A.F.E. LLC provides a range of services related to workplace violence/active shooter situations, including safety strategies, risk assessment, and response protocols for different types of organizations from churches, private schools, and small businesses, to high rise offices and warehouses . These are all important areas to address in order to keep employees and other members of an organization safe.

Civilian Response to Workplace Violence/Active shooter | Workplace Security/Risk Assessment | Church Security Response | Private School Assessment Response and Protocol


“Invest in your employees’ safety and peace of mind.”

“Your employees’ safety should be a top priority. Let us help you create a comprehensive workplace violence/active shooter response plan.”

“Chance Favors The Prepared Mind”


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Security Assessment Facility Evaluation

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